synthetic motor oil

Fully synthetic (Fully Synthetic) engine oil, designed for the most modern gasoline engines of passenger cars, light trucks, jeeps, minibuses manufactured in Japan, Korea and America, where required energy-efficient Mac

Fuel economy. Provide fuel efficiency through the use of specially selected tracks base oils and additive package that includes modern friction modifiers. Confirmed by the passage of the test Sequence VID on the engine, GM's 3.6L V6 model 2008.

Cleanliness of the engine parts. Oil provide engines clean, prevent sludge, sludge and varnish on engine parts. Correspond to high requirements of category ILSAC GF-5 to the purity of the piston (formation of high temperature deposits).

Protection of turbo. Provide reliable protection of internal surfaces of turbocharging from various deposits, blocking oil channels and, consequently, hamper the exit турбонагнеталя down, which is confirmed by passing a test on the thermal-oxidative stability of the motor oil TEOST 33C.

Compatibility with seal materials. Oil is compatible with the most common seal materials that is confirmed by passing the tests prescribed in ILSAC specification GF-5 (compatible with sealants such as: полиакрилатная rubber, нитрильная rubber, silicon rubber, фторуглеродная rubber and ethylene-acrylic rubber).

Compatible with biofuels E-85. When operating a car on fuel E-85 (85% ethanol + 15% for the traditional gasoline) prevent corrosion of inner surfaces of the engine and maintain water produced during the combustion of biofuels in the form of an emulsion.

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